Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good Day! Sunshine!

It's the first time I've felt like writing in a long while.
Some people write when they're happy, others when they're sad.
For me, it's the happiness side.

Do you ever have the feeling that you're living in a fog?
Going through the motions,
not wanting anything, yet smiling and nodding along? 

I feel like I've been there for quite sometime now. 

I don't know what changed, 
but something just feels different.

More Present. 

I feel like I've snuggled under a rock 
for the past 2 years or so and am crawling out.

To the crappy days and the sunny
and to being present for both.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Feeling all the Feels...

Such a lovely little video 
about a man and his dog. 

Go home and greet your loved ones with joy!  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gratitude Lately

Lately I've been grateful for
quiet Saturday mornings spent with 
husband, dog, coffee and books. 

For G-chatting with dear friends
and the seeds of a possible future venture together.

For relaxing days spent in forts. 

For surprise visits from lifelong friends. 

There's not much better than 
the laughter that comes from stories of days past. 
Also, this picture is from 2007. 

And Jax feels gratitude 
because I'm working on my sewing skills.

New toys! 

Cheers to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough. 

Dear Anthony,

After celebrating your birthday for 10 years,
I still can't believe the jackpot I hit when I married you. 

I love how kind & thoughtful you are to others.

I love what a great team we make. 

I love traveling with you and experiences new places. 

I love hanging with you and our nieces and nephews. 
You're going to make such a great dad some day.

I love that I can get history lessons at anytime of day.  
(yes, I did ask for a Hesbola explanation at 7am not too long ago). 

I love that we have a similar silly sense humor. 

I love your gusto. 
Being a working artist is no easy feat
and you're killing it. 

Marriage isn't easy and I'm thankful you're quick to forgive
and willing to work hard for this marriage.  

I feel so proud to call you my partner in crime, 
fellow fort-dweller, wife, and best friend. 
Cheers to the next 10 years! 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gratitude Lately

Lately I've been grateful for coworkers 
who remind me that sometimes it's best to Shake it off. 

For Sunday night dinners with a table full of friends.
(and a pup who thinks he deserves a seat)

For a husband who lets me have the heated seat, 
and holds all of the leftovers. 

For stories from loved ones and new acquaintances 
about a life very well lived...
and the laughter that comes from remembrance. 

For new hobbies and stout beers. 

And for nephews who want to share their treats...


...and then quickly take them back. 

 Cheers to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough. 

Also, a big thank you to everyone 
for the kind words, prayers and hugs. 
It means a lot. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Every day is a good day.......some are just better than others.

My Grandpa Dale spent his first morning in heaven today. 

Although I know it was a joyous reunion for him 
and those waiting to greet him,  
it was a tough day for our family. 

I grew up next door to him and my Grandma, Carole.  
He was a constant example of a man living a Christ-centered life, 
was a wonderful husband and father, 
and taught me the value of hard work and a positive attitude.

In the summers when I was home from college, 
we spent every morning together on his porch solving word scrambles. 

He served in the Army, 
loved woodworking,
traveled the world, 
managed a bank, 
lead hymns at church, 
proudly visited every US state,
traded spy novels with Anthony, 
taught Business at a local College,
was a regular at Habitat for Humanity
and played a really mean game of cribbage. 

He was the best Grandfather a girl could ever have. 

Papaw, I know this was what is best for you;
you were ready to go home. 

All of us that you left behind are really sad though
and miss you already. 

Please pray for our family as we grieve this loss. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Last month Anth and I were lucky ducks 
and got to skip over the pond and spend some time in Spain. 

I was feeling nostalgic (already!)
and wanted to share some pics with all you fine folks. 

So here's a great big 'ole bunch of pics from our trip. 
Cue the lights, turn on the projector, sorry if you fall asleep. 

First up, Madrid...
and our amazing view of the city. 

Thank the lord for AirBnB. 
If you're unfamiliar, 
give me a call and I'll talk your ear off about it. 

Our street was pretty great too. 

Jamon (ham) is a huge part of the diet in Spain.
Being a ham lover all my life, this meant 
I was in heaven. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner 
were all acceptable times to eat meats and drink gin. 
It is quite refreshing when eating gobs of spiced cured meats. 

When in Spain, do as the Spanish....
I mean, I didn't want to stick out like a silly American. 
Although, as Anthony kindly pointed out, 
my Spanish accent is quite terrible. 

Oh well, even more reason to eat and drink 
as the locals in order to fit in. :-) 

The Sunday market was amazing. 

We also did some sightseeing and 
saw some of my favorite artists, Goya and Velázquez.

I had to be pretty sneaky to snap these. 
Don't tell. 

After a couple of quick days in Madrid, 
we hopped on a train, a bus and then hoofed 
it to the tiny little fishing village, Cadaques. 

Believe me, 
the trek was worth it.

We spent a couple of days relaxing in the water
and filling our bellies with tiny fishies. 

Also pretty heavenly. 

No wonder Dali and Picasso spent so much time 
in this sleepy little fishing village. 

I tried my hand at some art too....
Shadow Dinos anyone? 

Next it was off to our final spot, Barcelona. 
In the many years we've adventured together, 
we've surprisingly never had a "beach" vaca. 

Believe me, we took full advantage of the Mediterranean on this one. 

And again, markets full of meats and juices. 
(there's me, not happy at all)

The food was amazing. 
We found some great non touristy spots where we could tell the waiter 
"queremos peces" (we want fish) and plates full of tiny fishies would fill our table.

Dreams do come true. :-) 

I have to say though, 
our last day in Spain was my favorite. 

We booked a trip with Spanish Trails to hike in the Pyrenees for the day...
and it didn't disappoint. 
We almost cancelled at the last minute 
due to some crappy (literally) stuff happening at our house in Chicago, 
but I think it was just what the doctor ordered. 

We started in a tiny medieval town and saw 
an amazing Black Madonna sculpture behind the alter which is really unusual...
usually museums snatch these relics up. 

There was a service going on when we came in
and we got to partake in communion with the locals. 
We felt pretty blessed. 

Let the hiking begin! 
Have I mentioned I love mountains? 
Because I do. 

So happy I am, mmmm? 

It ended up being just Anth and I that booked
so we had our own guide for the day 
which was fantastic.

Our guide Victor was funny, chatty and 
exactly what you would want while on a day hike. 

You know those days that are eerily perfect and feel blessed? 

This was definitely one of those. 

And then there was lunch. 
Victor explained that the farmhouse they always go to for lunch
was booked for a wedding.

he convinced the owner to let us dine in off the kitchen. 

This was just the appetizer spread from the wedding. 
They begged us to try everything. 

This was then followed by beef cheeks and I don't even remember what else, 
because beef cheeks. 

We then chummed it up with the owners and waiters, 
drank champaign leftover from the wedding and 
took in the dreamy day we were having. 

Seriously, it was the perfect end to the trip. 

Spain, I love you. 
I want to come visit you again soon.